We all need a little help sometimes, and, whether it’s dealing with anxiety, coping with stress or just feeling that we’re not getting the best out of life, the Hoffman Process provides new energy and positivity to face life's challenges.

tnGrowing up in a culture that's out of step with our
family's beliefs or in circumstances of political or
religious conflict can have a huge impact on how
we learn to cope with the world around us.

Sammy Leslie - Castle Leslie & Entrepreneur

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The Hoffman Process is an intensive week-long residential course that promotes personal discovery and development. With over 47 years experience, the Hoffman Institute has helped more than 96,000 people worldwide improve their lives and their relationships with others.

Jeremy Kynaston'Many therapists have written that, as the Process enables participants to stay with whatever's happening emotionally, it can be as effective as two or more years of 1:1 therapy.'
Jeremy Kynaston

The child within: finding a way to deal with the past
The Irish Independent Sept 2015 Read full article

Published scientific research supports the positive effects that the Hoffman Process has had on coping with stress and providing help with anxiety and depression.

'Four studies have demonstrated that the Hoffman Process definitely works for anxiety and depression.'
Oliver James
Psychologist & Author of 'Affluenza'

Hoffman participants find they’re able to communicate more effectively and be more authentic to their true self at work and at home. Due to its intensive nature the Process is perfectly suited to those with demanding lives, busy schedules or who just feel stuck.

tn"Six years ago, I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen for a while and thought she'd had a facelift. But she'd just done the Hoffman Process. I did it three years ago and let me tell you that was probably the key anti-ageing week I have ever had. You throw off so much baggage and the love you feel… you could take a bite out of it, it's that powerful”
Thandie Newton
Actor & Director

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