All Hoffman Process centres operate under a licence granted by Hoffman Institute International (HII), and the governing body is based in West Sussex, UK. Fourteen other Hoffman centres exist worldwide under the same individual licence agreements, and are bound by contract to Hoffman Institute International (HII).

The Hoffman Institute UK Ltd was founded in 1995 by Tim Laurence and Serena Gordon. With the success and demand for the Process Tim and Serena then went on to launch the Hoffman Ireland Process.

The Hoffman teaching team includes trained consultants who have strong connections not only with Ireland but also with the UK, Austria, Italy, Germany, US, Australia and the Middle East. Hoffman teachers are all qualified to teach the Process and have undergone a thorough training programme before being licensed.

Our vision at Hoffman is:

  • to provide a global model for personal development
  • to make personal development acceptable, accepted, and accessible worldwide
  • to effect a change in society towards peace and contentment 

We achieve this:

  • by seeking out and implementing best practice
  • by ensuring high levels of staff training
  • by responding to new developments and teachings
  • by keeping up to date with research
  • by ensuring client confidentiality and safety